Emotional health is an integral aspect of our overall health. People who are certified to be emotionally healthy, are those who can majorly control their thoughts, behaviours and feelings. These set of people are able to withstand the challenges of life. They can retain problems in perspective, and quickly get back from setbacks. They always have a good feeling about themselves and their relationships are always great.

When you are emotionally healthy, it does not really mean that you are always happy. What it implies is, you are always conscious of your emotions, and you can take them on, either positive or negative. People who are emotionally healthy, still feel certain emotions such as: anger, sadness and stress. However, the only advantage they have is, they can handle their negative feelings.

They are fully aware when a problem is bigger than them, and they know when it is time to seek help from someone who is experienced or vast in whatever area they find themselves. In most cases, a counsellor or a doctor.

An emotionally healthy person has the capacity to work productively, alongside coping with the stress which comes with life. It also aids you in working with other people and contributing to society.

Emotional health also has an impact on your physical health, as it helps to reduce blood pressure, reduces the chance of coming down with heart disease, and it leads to a healthy gain in weight.

The steps mentioned below are useful in improving your emotional health:

  • Be conscious of your emotions and reactions: You need to know what makes you angry, sad or frustrated, and you need to make conscious efforts to address them.
  • Show your feelings in suitable ways: Ensure that people who are close to you know when something is bothering you. When you keep feelings inside, it increases your stress levels. It could also cause problems at school, work or in your relationship.
  • Think well before acting: Emotions are very powerful. Hence, always ensure that you calm down and think it through, before you do something which you might regret.
  • Stress management: Ensure that you learn different relaxation methods in order to cope well with stress. You could try out exercising, meditation and taking deep-breaths.
  • Staying positive: Always focus on the good aspect of your life. Learn to forgive yourself for making certain mistakes, and also forgive others.