Health by Profession

professions and healthThere are many different lenses with which to view personal health. One that puts the topic of health into a specific perspective is health as it relates to particular careers. Links have been discovered between professions and health conditions. For example, desk work and extended hours at a computer can lead to musculoskeletal problems and arthritic conditions. Professional athletes are much more prone to impact and overuse injuries than professionals in other career fields. Doctors, lawyers and CEOs are at a higher risk of becoming addicts and substance abusers. Below is a list of online resources you can use to learn more about the health effects that different career fields have on their working professionals.

Health by Demographic

demographic healthHealthcare and health problems are universal to every demographic, but when we analyze different groups of people, we begin to see how unique health can be to particular demographics. A demographic may be organized by region, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, income bracket, social status, economical standing, familial role or a number of other qualifying factors. Most demographics have been found to have unique health signatures, such as osteoporosis in women,  dimensia in the elderly and superior health in higher income brackets. To learn more on how your demographics after your health, see the online resources listed below.

Physical Health

bodily healthA person’s physical health is very important to their quality of life. Every individual’s physical health, whether they are young or old, male or female, white or black is affected by the condition of their physical health. The two most important methods a person utilizes in caring for their physical health is by following the instructions of medical professionals and by monitoring their own health using good sense. Health can be affected by genetics, biology, diet, exercise and a number of other life factors. The industries and organizations set up around the globe that offer physical healthcare to people are the largest investments in existence. To access online resources for specific physical health topics, click the links below:

Mental Health

mental health topicsOne very current branch of health discussion is the topic of mental health. Mental health covers a range of mental states a person finds themselves in due to their psychological, emotional, environmental and biological circumstances. Mental illness consists of identified mental disorders and addiction or substance abuse problems. The more we learn about mental disorders, the more we realize how large a part they play in our society. For example, mental illness has been attributed to a majority of the mass shootings that have occurred in North America within the past decade. To see more information on mental health, visit the links listed below: